Lorraine Nicholson
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Lorraine Nicholson April 1962 - August 2015

The Journey home.

Sadly Lorraine passed away in August 2015. She was a wonderful fun member of my classes at the gallery and it was often easy to miss the inner torments that she struggled with throughout her life; such was her ability to look on the bright side of life when she was well.

"Some people have shone beyond their constellations for they are in their own galaxy" - Lorraine.

Her book is collection of peotry, artwork and photography embracing the theme of recovery from severe depression.

The collection's title refers to both the physical journey as I started writing most of my poems between the light of lamp-posts on my homeward journey each night but on a very different level it applies to my "coming home to myself" and the true discovery of the person I was born to be.

Depression was, in effect, the red traffic light which forced me to stop and reflect on what had become a lifetime's "identity crisis". Ironically, the self-awareness or "home" I refer to has been revealed to me through my painful struggles with the illness.

In the battle between heart and mind, it is the heart which has finally been victorious and allowed the artistic flourishing which I had suppressed all these years. That is the "resolution" which is the subject of my final poem and is so necessary for all of us to reach if we are to realise anything like our true potentials in life.


© Lorraine Nicholson

Lorraine's book The Journey Home is available at the Jardine Gallery priced £20 Money from sales of the remaining copies I have will be donated to the Bield at Blackruthven, a spiritual retreat on the outskirts of Perth that Lorraine was very fond of.

"I first met Lorraine back in 2008, at that time she was starting yet another journey of recovery and seeking to make sense of her life through artwork and poetry. Lorraine attended my classes, first of as a very quiet somewhat sheepish member, but gradually as her confidence grew she joined in and began to enjoy.

There comes a point in everyone's life where we experience life's dark places, where our lives reach what we consider to be rock bottom only to descend further still. At these times we ask ourselves if there will be a turning point, a change in direction that allows us to very gradually make our way back to a regular life that once again has laughter, fun, companionship and a sense of purpose. Something we often took for granted before.

It is only when we are again back on track that we realise the path we have been on. This book is Lorraine's journey, this book is an inspiration and a beacon of hope to anyone else who is either on this journey or has a friend who is."

Julian Jardine

Visit Lorraine's website at www.hope4recovery.co.uk

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