Loco Glass - Making an Anemone Bowl
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Loco Glass - Making an Anemone Bowl

LoCo Glass is the creative partnership formed by Colin and Louise Hawkins. Together they have been designing and making for over ten years. With the help of a talented team of glassmakers and assistants they handblow their glass at the studio, based within the recently refurbished New Brewery Arts Centre in the Cotswolds.

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In order to create an Anemone Bowl we first blow up a bubble of our 24% lead Crystal glass. All by hand with no moulds used. We then attach large numbers of clear glass gathers brought straight from our furnace to the surface of the bubble.

We have to reheat the whole piece in our 'glory hole' re heating chamber so that the main body doesn't get too cold in between each addition .

Once we have covered the bottom half of the piece we then swap the whole piece onto another iron so that we can carry on applying the bits all the way up to the rim

Colin steadily applying spines all the way to the rim of the bowl.

Once 'knocked off' the iron we can apply one final bit to cover the mark left by the iron. The piece then has to cool down slowly overnight to anneal.

A long process by our standards but worth it to achieve a stunning piece. The Anemone bowl comes in 3 sizes and is available through the Jardine Gallery.

Visit the Loco Glass page in the shop section of the webpage to see what is currently available at the gallery.

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