Penkridge Ceramics
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Penkridge Ceramics

Penkridge Ceramics' success lies in the creation of the 'real thing' when it comes to ceramic fruits, vegetables and horsechestnuts.

This stand- alone collection, established in 1984 by MA Ceramics graduates, Lorraine Taylor and Nicky Smart, is now considered the best in it's field.

All design work, glaze development and production is carried out in their workshop in Walsall, in the West Midlands, U.K.

The attention to detail is paramount, each piece is individually considered, with several layers of glaze added to create both colour and texture, giving a 'super-real' effect and accuracy of finish.

Our influences lie in trompe l'oeil and early still life paintings of fruits, which demonstrates the beauty of the organic forms along with the accuracy and detail required to represent the 'real thing.'

Our work is now collected by private individuals, as well as being sold in Galleries and used by interior designers, both in the domestic market and abroad.

Due to the way we produce our work, each piece is an individual ceramic sculpture inspired by nature. The range is always expanding, ranging from Pineapples to Pea Pods and are the perfect gift for anyone who loves nature, the garden, growing fruits or having natural forms around them to enhance their interior settings.

© Penkridge Ceramics

Life size

© Penkridge Ceramics

Conker with lid
Life size

© Penkridge Ceramics

2 Conkers with lid
Life size
2 Conkers with shell but no lid £112

© Penkridge Ceramics

Whole Conker
Life size

© Penkridge Ceramics

Conker Leaf
Leaves do vary in shape and colouring.
Small £35
Medium £55
Large £75

© Penkridge Ceramics

Conker and Leaf
Life size
Conker £90
Large Leaf £75
Medium Leaf £55
Small Leaf £35
The conker leaves are useful for protecting polished wooden surfaces from the sharp conker spikes.

To purchase any of the featured work please call the gallery on 01738 621836 during store hours or use the contact form to make an enquiry. Purchases can be made using Paypal or over the phone by credit card at the gallery.

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